Timber Buying

Bruggeman Lumber purchases hardwood timber and logs.  Species we buy are Walnut, Oak, Maple, Ash, Basswood, Cherry, Elm and Hickory. Bruggeman Lumber buyers will meet with you to give you a price for your logs or trees.  If you agree to sell, a contract will be written and you will be given a down payment. Full payment will be made prior to any cutting of trees or removal of logs from your property.

Forest Reserve land owners earn millions of dollars each year harvesting trees from the timber reserves.  

Forest Reserve Law: Timber Harvesting and Removal is allowed and many forest experts recommend good management of these forest lands to achieve healthy growth and keep disease out. Diseased and dead trees may be costing you dollars. These trees may have a $$$ value to them. With properly managed reserve, trees can be harvested at their peak in the trees life cycle before disease or natural disaster strikes.